Pulmonary function testing

Aspiratory work tests are a bundle of tests that measure how well the lungs splash up and unleash air and the way well they move gasses like oxygen from the air into the body's course.

Spirometer  measures streaming. By movement what amount air you breathe out, and the way rapidly, spirometer will esteem abroad differ of respiratory organ ailments. amid a spirometer investigate, while you're sitting, you inhale into a mouthpiece that is associated with partner instrument alluded to as a measuring framework. The spirometer records the amount and the rate of air that you simply motivate and out over a measure of your time. When standing, a few numbers may well be marginally totally extraordinary. The chief fundamental issue is to play out the  investigate everlastingly while at indistinguishable position.

  • Static and dynamic lung volumes-interpretation and performance
  • Body plethysmography- interpretation
  • Ventilation–perfusion measurement- interpretation
  • Exercise testing including walking tests and spiroergometry
  • Blood gas analysis and pulse Oximetry
  • Bronchial provocation testing

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