Chronic hindering respiratory organ unwellness (COPD) isn't one form of metabolic process diseases. it's a mix of teams of lungs un wellness that caused troublesome to breath out gas from the lungs. Thus, it usually results in feeling of being tired or shortness of breath. COPD are usually classified into 2 major symptoms i.e. respiratory disorder and bronchitis. So, someone having COPD could also be facing either bronchitis or respiratory disorder.
COPD symptoms are productive cough and dyspnoea. The common signs and symptoms embody minimized breath prolonged breath part of respiration, unhealthy and sounds. COPD get severe and should cause abnormal condition, weight loss, frequent acute decompensating episodes and cardiopathy. It conjointly causes metabolic process failure and acute or chronic. it's diagnosing on history base, physical examination base, respiratory organ operate tests and chest x-ray.

  • Pathophysiology of COPD
  • COPD Pragnosis and Primary care
  • COPD Risk factors and Management
  • Diagnosis of COPD
  • Diagnostic treatments and Rehabilitation of COPD

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